Development Forum releases 3.2T Optical Module PRD

The Co-Packaged Optics Collaboration Joint Development Forum has released the 3.2T Co-packaged Optical (CPO) Module PRD this week.
This PRD describes the requirements to build a 8x400G Optical module targeted to increase network switch density and increase power efficiency. 

The CPO module will serve as a building block to enable a lower power solution for a 51.2Tb/s switch, with 16 modules arranged in close proximity to the switch ASIC. Two variants of the CPO module are defined in this document, one supporting 400GBASE-DR4 (with a total of 32 Tx/Rx fiber pairs), and one supporting 400GBASE-FR4 (8 Tx/Rx fiber pairs). The document outlines our proposed architectural approach for a 51.2Tb/s switch. 

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